John Burns Construction Company is a family owned business that has been in operation since its inception in 1906.  The key to success for John Burns Construction over the past 107 years in business is the ability to continuously evaluate the company and ask ourselves “How can we do this better?”  This strategy naturally keeps our employees focused on learning, training and evaluating our project performance.  This leads us to take on many challenging projects and continues our growth for the past decade.  The goal for each and every member of the JBCC team is to strive towards improvement in all areas of the business.  The JBCC Management Team and Executives are committed to instilling a learning and training environment for all of the employees.



Since 1906, a contractor committed to safety, quality, integrity and customer service in every project built!



JBCC will be regarded as the safest and highest quality contractor as rated by our customers, vendors, and employees in all the services we provide.



As a Principle Member of the Construction Industry Ethics & Compliance Initiative (CIECI), John Burns Construction is committed to the highest level of ethics, conduct and compliance with the law throughout all aspects of our business.  JBCC’s ethics policy creates a culture of openness, trust, and integrity throughout our business practices.

JBCC’s Ethics & Compliance Committee, made up of cross functional senior management, oversees our ethics and compliance programs and determines any violations and discipline. We regularly monitor and audit our business to ensure compliance with the policies and the law.  We also review all policies as they relate to changes in the law, procurement practices and common business practices to ensure our policies are regularly updated to meet the constant changes in the business world.  John Burns Construction is committed to protecting employees, partners, vendors, and the company from illegal or damaging actions by individuals, either knowingly or unknowingly