Who We Are

John Burns Construction Company, a family owned business since 1906, is a leading contractor in Illinois.  In the mid 1970's, JBCC took advantage of the construction boom in Dallas, Texas and set up John Burns Construction Company of Texas, Inc. to provide services to that region and still remains a leading contractor in Texas.  JBCC of IL and JBCC of TX provide services in:

•  General Contracting
•  Electrical infrastructure
•  Telecommunications
•  Site Utilities
•  Electrical Duct Bank
•  Underground Boring

Our history is one of consistently meeting new challenges, both in the marketplace and in new technology.  We work closely with our customers to look for ways to provide them with solutions.

When it comes to getting the work done, there are several reasons why John Burns Construction Company has maintained its fine reputation.  These are but a few:

•  The ability to submit bids on short notice for projects ranging from a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollar projects.
•  The mobility to assemble and place a crew on an emergency project.
•  The flexibility to move in and out of densely populated urban areas without disrupting traffic flow.
•  The extensibility to handle construction work in remote areas with competence.
•  The capability to operate multiple, concurrent projects without diluting supervision, equipment, or financial backing.
•  The responsibility to maintain high standards of safety for crew and equipment and project quality.