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John Burns Construction Company has a strategic partnership with AT&T to provide telecom services for both aerial and underground work.

• This project is a strategic partnership with AT&T where work is awarded based on a set list of unit pricing that has been submitted by JBCC. This decreases the time and money spent bidding smaller projects and creates a much more efficient system for improving AT&T’s telecommunication infrastructure.

• This agreement covers work throughout Dallas, Ft. Worth, and all of the surrounding communities. Projects are typically awarded for Aerial and Underground forced relocates and new service connections.

• This work entails a very large quantity of small projects that are spread throughout a large geographical area. JBCC crews must be extremely efficient and self-supporting in order to complete these projects in a timely manner. JBCC benefits from vast experience in planning, inspecting, and executing these jobs for AT&T.

• Our projects under this contract provide occasional inaccurate or missing information for these projects. Being that these are very quick turnaround projects for AT&T service connections or repairs, the drawings and designs are adjusted in the field. JBCC crews are adept at locating a problem, creating a low cost solution, and communicating this solution with the AT&T Contract Coordinators. This high level of crew independence and clear channels of communication allow JBCCO to fulfill each project that is awarded.

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