Fiber Optic Relocation ISHTA

John Burns Construction Company provided its telecom expertise for the Illinois State Tollway Highway Authority in relocating the existing fiber optic backbone of the Jane Adams Tollway in 2014.

•   Project involved installation of more than 600 wood poles, along with 250,000 linear feet of figure-eight conduit with fiber optic cable, used to relocate the existing fiber optic backbone of the Jane Adams Tollway.

•   This work was performed in advance of the mainline highway work to relocate the fiber optic backbone from the existing underground duct system overhead. The overhead fiber optic system was chosen to help mitigate future conflicts with the roadway work.

•   Project involved multiple crossings of the Jane Adams Expressway, both aerial and underground, as well as multiple crossing of local railroads, local roads and waterways.

•   The project paralleled high pressure gas and water mains, which demanded a high level of coordination with the utilities, as well as several full-time safety engineers to ensure the utilities remained undisturbed.

•   Multiple casing bores, up to 8-inches in diameter, were directionally bored to provide for additional protection and future expansion in key locations throughout the corridor.

•   JBCC assisted in design of additional poles and system slack to allow for additional relocations due to anticipated conflicts with the roadway work.

Project details
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  • Client:Illinois State Tollway Highway Authority
  • Location:Jane Adams Tollway I-90, Illinois
  • Contract Value:$6,500,000
  • Competion Date:April 2014

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