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  • Folsum Addison
  • Folsum Addison

John Burns Construction Company installed a large diameter main 650 LF under a golf course and into a main line in the middle of a creek.

• JBCC installed 18” sanitary sewer by bore under the Prestonwood Golf Course with a connection of the existing main in the middle of the White Rock Creek.  Connection to the existing main was accomplished by using a Portadam structure which resembled a dinosaur skeleton rising from the water during the installation. 

• 12” main was extended west on a major thoroughfare then onto and around the perimeter of the property and reconnecting the existing buildings on the far side. 

• The owner sold two parcels of the property and the new owners began construction prior to construction of the replacement line, in effect requiring the installation to satisfy three owners with different agendas and schedules.  The work was completed in a manner which allowed all three owners to maintain their respective schedules.

Project details
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  • Client:Folsum Companies
  • Location:City of Dallas, Dallas County Texas
  • Contract Value:$1,231,000

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