Joliet Jr. College – (LEED Platinum)

  • Joliet Jr. College – (LEED Platinum)
  • Joliet Jr. College – (LEED Platinum)
  • Joliet Jr. College – (LEED Platinum)

John Burns Construction Company completed construction of a new 42,498 sf structure for Joliet Jr. College.

• Construction of a new 42,498 square foot Precast and Heavy Timber Structure, including a new parking area and material storage bins.  The building is designed to achieve a Platinum LEED rating.  While the majority of the building is structural steel and precast concrete, the Administrative Area is a Heavy Timber structure with exposed ceilings and an Insulated Aluminum Panel exterior. 

• This building includes a large parking garage; building and maintenance shop areas; a mezzanine for mechanical equipment and storage; a partial basement with high-density file storage systems; and an Administrative Services area.  

• This was a logistically challenging project given the need for the College to continually receive deliveries at an adjacent building within the construction site.  All structural and site work was completed without any interruptions to other College operations.  All excavation work required rock breaking due to bedrock located directly under the entire site.  The site is next to a large pond, and the high water table required water to be pumped during all the basement excavation, concrete, and utility work.  Also, due to the close proximity of existing buildings and student foot traffic, the precast installation required the use of a 175 ton track crane with a 400 foot reach. 

• John Burns Construction self-performed all demolition, excavation, heavy timber erection, rough carpentry work, and drywall installations. 

Project details
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  • Client:Joliet Junior College / Capital Development Board
  • Location:Joliet, IL
  • Contract Value:$3,750,000
  • Completion Date:Winter 2011

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