Salt Tent Maintenance Facility

John Burns Construction Company constructs a new 37,000 sf prototype structure including demolition of an existing salt dome and concrete garage.

• This project consists of approximately 3,600 cubic yards of concrete and is designed to hold over 9,000 tons of salt.  

• This a fast-track project with an overall duration of four months from start of mobilization to completion of the punchlist.

• John Burn Construction self-performed all demolition, excavation, sanitary and storm sewer, carpentry, and epoxy sealing work.                   

• Despite multiple design changes and an unusual number of adverse weather days, the project was completed on time and well under budget.


Project details
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  • Client:The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority
  • Location:Alsip, IL
  • Contract Value:$3,950,000
  • Completion Date:October 31, 2009

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