JBCC Advantage

Why John Burns Construction Company?

“Our customers not only like us, they TRUST us.”

John Burns Construction Company has been a privately owned-family business since its inception in 1906.  John Burns Construction Company of Texas, Inc. was established in the mid 1970's to take advantage of the tremendous growth in the Dallas region.  Over time, the motto for both companies has been that our customers not only like us, they trust us.  What sets us apart from our competition is that we have always and continue to put our customers first and that pledge is carried throughout our business in the following ways:

Customer service – We constantly communicate with our customers over all milestones of a project from estimating, budgeting through completion of the project.

Pre-construction planning – This is an integral part of our business methodology in order to ensure success on each project.

Commitment to safety – We have a rigorous safety program in place to ensure the safety of our employees and the public at each of our jobsites.

Commitment to quality – We are constantly striving to improve our quality of service to our clients by performing both internal and external audits.

Successful Execution – We consistently deliver our projects on time and on budget by establishing checkpoints throughout each of our projects.

Solutions - Problem solving is an integral part of John Burns Construction Company’s business.  During our many years in the construction field, we have accumulated first-hand experience solving more complex situations than most companies would even attempt.  We are not afraid of trying new implementations - in fact we thrive on it.

Financial Stability – we have made significant equity investments in equipment, infrastructure and personnel to ensure keeping the company financially sound for the long haul.